A project

Raindrop Price Index - You Cannot Refill A Sea With Tears

Maria Orciuoli (IT)

Raindrop Price Index presents terrestrial ecosystems' water balance cycles within today's frames of computational reading and control of our environment. Consisting of two generative animations based on the ClimateEngine's 2011-2021 TerraClimate dataset, this piece uses natural capital accounting knowledge tools to question data-driven decision-making on ecosystem valuation. Monthly fluctuations in worldwide precipitation and rainfall demand, expressed through evapotranspiration measurements, are used to generate sound and visuals on each screen respectively. Visitors find themselves reflected on the pixelated canvases amidst waves and contours shape-shifting at the rhythm of Earth's water cycles, connecting the human subject to wider ecosystems. The title pays homage to the tragedy of the Aral Sea's human-driven disappearance and prompts us to reflect on the interplay between nature, society, and economic systems.