raspIC (pronounced ra-spicy) is an open hardware framework and dedicated Raspberry Pi distribution for developers/artists/designers of interactive musical interfaces.

It allows the easy creation of tangible musical instruments without prior skills in computer music systems. Attach various sensors or a set of buttons or sliders, define your presets through a simple configuration interface and start playing.

At raspIC´s core you will find a raspberry pi Model B computer that interfaces a launchpad MSP430g2553.  We have taken good care of providing a low latency and highly efficient communication between software and hardware, so raspIC can be used as another instrument in your live set.


The raspIC distro features (at its 0.1 version):

– a 12 voice sampler with assignable and independent control of volume, speed and effects

– a 12 voice midi player based on fluidsynth, with assignable control of pitch, velocity and program.

– an digital synthesizer based on analog models with control of pitch, LFO, resonance, crush, volume and filter.

– interface with 18 inputs: 6 digital, 6 analog and 6 capacitive (with one wire sensing capability)

– OpenSoundControl broadcast of all digital, analog and capacitive inputs (that allows you to use raspIC as an OSC interface for your sensors)

– configuration via a GUI menu. No terminal typing needed. – full customization possible for professional developers


MSP430G2553 pin mapping