Enrique Tomás – PhD at Interface Culture Lab – Kunstuniversität Linz

Supervised by Prof. Martin Kaltenbrunner

A “Tangible Score” is a tactile interface for musical expression that incorporates a score in its physical shape, surface structure or spatial configuration.

Concept and Technology behind Tangible Scores:

Watch tangible scores concept in HD on Vimeo.

Performing Tangible Scores:

Watch live from the basement in HD on Vimeo.

Tangible Scores as an art installation:

Watch tangible scores installation in HD on Vimeo.

Using sound as a continuous input signal, both synthesis and control are available simultaneously through direct manipulation on the engraved patterns of the physical score. Every interface is conceived from a different graphical score that still represents a musical idea but it has been also specially designed for providing a diverse palette of acoustic signals when touched. But more important, the tactile scores define and propose specific gestural behaviors due to the different affordances and constraints of the object in front. Sound is generated through a polyphonic concatenative synthesis driven by a real-time analysis and classification of input signal spectra. Each of the scores is loaded with a specific sound corpus that defines its sonic identity. Thus, “Tangible Score” provides a implicit visual and haptic feedback in addition to its sonic core functionality, making it intuitive and learnable but as well suitable as an interface for musical improvisation and sonic exploration.

NIME’s 2014 paper:  Tangible Scores: shaping the Inherent Instrument Score

tangible scores NIME paper
tangible scores NIME paper

TEI’s 2016 paper: Tangible Scores: an Inherent Score Installation

tangible scores TEI paper
tangible scores TEI paper

TENOR’s 2016 paper: Instruments as Score: A Hybrid Approach

tangible scores TENOR paper
TENOR Conference – Instruments as Scores: A Hybrid Approach

Interface Politics Conference 2016 paper: Politics of Musical Interfaces: Ideologies and Digital Disenchantment

 Politics of Musical Interfaces Controllers paper
Interface Politics Conference 2016 – Politics of Musical Interfaces: Ideologies and Digital Disenchantment

ICMC + SMC 2014 Concert Program Notes: Tangible Scores Concert ICMC – SMC

tangible scores concert ICMC + SMC
Tangible Scores ICMC + SMC 2014 Concert Program Notes

Some photos of Tangible Scores:

Some concerts and presentations of Tangible Scores:

ICMC+SMC Conference Athens 2014


NIME Conference London 2014

Sonar Festival Barcelona 2014

Ars Electronica Festival in Linz 2014